Essential Skills 1

Essential Skills 1 lays a foundation for any team new to dog sport training. Skills taught in this class will set a team up for success throughout their career in a variety of dog sports, as well for life at home and around town.
Topics discussed include (but not limited to):
-General expectations of the training program and how to manage your dog in a group class situation
-Well-being and care of your dog
-Workbook topics
-Book 4: Focus and Engage reading assignments
-Creating Positive CER to training environments

Skills taught include (but not limited to):
-Waiting at doors/gates
-Leash Removal
-Collar grab
-Introduction to the handling elements
Session Details:
Cost: $300.00
Length: 8 - 1 hour 30 minute sessions
Size: up to 7

Upcoming Sessions:
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